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Connect with Job Seekers

We connect you with pre-qualified candidates. Evaluate them based on their performance in our First Step program, which prepares them to succeed in training on the job.

Hire Smarter

Stop rolling the dice with every hire. We help you hire with confidence and find the right person by giving you the tools to measure and assess a candidate's potential.

Fill Your Entry-Level Jobs

Fill your apprenticeships, traineeships, and entry-level jobs. If you're willing to train the right people but need help finding them, AxisU is for you.

Solve Your Skills Gap

If you are struggling to find talent, you're not alone. Employers across the country can't fill their jobs and struggle to find the right workers. We'll help you solve your skills gap.

Connect with Motivated Candidates

Access pools of untapped talent that are motivated to start a career. Measure their potential through their success in our First Step program. 

Train Them Your Way

Whether you have an Apprenticeship program, a formal traineeship or internship, or you provide training for your entry-level workers, you know how to train workers with the skills you need. Find candidates that are ready to succeed in your training program.

Stop Rolling the Dice

Hiring entry-level workers doesn’t have to feel like rolling the dice! Hire smarter with AxisU. If you’re willing to train the right person, but need help finding them, you’re in the right place. We’ll help you find candidates that are more likely to succeed in your training program and help you build a team of rockstar employees.

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