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Problem: Where Is The Skilled Labor?

The United States has a workforce shortage of 9.5 million individuals and is expected to double by 2030. One of the major contributing factors to this issue is the rise of technology and manufacturers’ need for higher-skilled employees paired with the increase in college tuition and the decrease in college enrollments. 

Over the past 20 years, college tuition has tripled with an average yearly increase of 6.8% while college enrollments have decreased by 2% each year since 2010. This has created a group of over 48 million individuals without any post-secondary education or training and is increasing by an estimated 1.6 million each year. Our centralized education system has built barriers that block millions of people each year from obtaining the skills they need and is a core reason employers have a workforce shortage. This lack of access to education and employment disproportionately affects minorities and underrepresented populations in our country.

This isn’t a recipe for success. . . . . 

Christian Gray - Founder/CEO

AxisU was founded on a mission to make opportunity accessible.

AxisU was founded by Christian Gray as a way to eliminate barriers to employment for job seekers, in an effort to help businesses fill their workforce needs. Christian is a native of rural Iowa and has had a lifelong passion for education. During his time as an intern in the Iowa House of Representatives Education Committee and working as a technology consultant for Jobs For America’s Graduates, Christian concluded that the cost of higher education was blocking a significant portion of our population from obtaining the skills they needed to gain meaningful employment. Likewise, this labor shortage was causing employers to lose billions of dollars a year in loss of productivity due to their workforce shortage. It is now his mission to remove barriers to employment for job seekers in an effort to help businesses fill their workforce needs.

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