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We develop custom training programs for companies to deploy as a digital benefit for their current and future team members that align with the needs of the modern workforce.

What you gain as a Company

The best thing about hiring from our company is that we know how each individual performs in various situations–this way there’s no guesswork involved when building your teams for new projects or growing existing ones by adding depth across departments where needed.

Building a Modern Workforce

Top Challenges Employers are Facing


Getting Enough Applicants

We have unlocked a new path for people who are passionate about a skill and need a way to learn and connect with employers.


Hiring the right candidates

With less talent available and demands at an all time high, its important to build your team with the right skills and knowledge.


Training & Up-Skilling

35% of people eligible to work do not have a certificate or education of any sort past high school. Thats where we come in to teach and connect!

We are helping companies access untapped talent, and training them to your specific needs, increasing the number of applicants, and helping assess talent to allow the best candidates to show up in your inbox. 

The skills you need to succeed

Learn the skills employers need with a hands-on, practical training program. Get work experience while learning valuable knowledge that can help you grow your rewarding career!

Find your Program


Explore a career in Welding and earn a Welding First Step certificate by completing this course.


Dive into the world of CNC and gain the skills necessary to land a role with a company in this high demand trade.


Dive into the world of Construction and gain the skills necessary to land a role with a company in this high-demand trade.


Learn the fundamentals of heating equipment, its wiring, and safety procedures for residential applications.

How it works


Program Design

We design a training program that provides a "front door" for potential candidates to learn or verify they have the skills your business needs.


Connect With Community

We market your company opportunities with our community partners and work to provide potential candidates with the skills they need to succeed in your organization.


Hire the Right Team

We send you pre-qualified candidates and provide on-the-job training support once you make the hire.

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Depending on the specialty, the online program and in person training can take between 16-32 weeks.


Learners are vetted right from the beginning and throughout the program our learners are not only experiencing projects, tight deadlines, and other critical success factors, they are also being tested to show competency in specific skills. To be considered for certain opportunities, they must have shown competency in all viable skills.


Yes! We are constantly creating programs for potential candidates to sign up for and also build custom programs for specific businesses. Contact us for more info on custom programs.


Now that you are ready to make a change in how and where you find talent, we will schedule an initial discovery call or meeting to get a baseline on your needs. This lasts 30-60 minutes and allows us to start building our partnership.

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