Work is changing.
So should the way we build a workforce.

Build a Better Workforce with AxisU Apprenticeships

Is your business experiencing a talent shortage?

Top 3 reasons for the global talent shortage:

  1. 1. Lack of applicants
  2. 2. Applicants lack experience
  3. 3. Applicants lack required hard skills
Right now there are 7.6 million unfilled jobs in the United States, despite having 10 million people actively seeking work. Job seekers lack the experience and skills that employers need their employees to have.

What is the #1 recommended solution to this problem?

Build Your Workforce

Invest in Training and Development for both current and future employees. Providing opportunities for your employees to learn, grow, and advance in their careers improves employee satisfaction and helps you retain your best employees. Instead of finding employees with the right skills, find the right employees and teach them the skills. 

What We Do

AxisU is a training provider that specializes in self-managed apprenticeship programs. Our learning platform gives you the tools to create a targeted and equitable pipeline of candidates for your entry-level jobs.

Why Work with AxisU?

We design our programs to identify the right type of person for your business. We equip motivated individuals with the skills your business needs, saving you time and money with every new hire.

How You Benefit

Our platform equips you with high quality training as a solution to recruit from a larger, more diverse talent pool, train your employees to your specific needs, and offer career advancement opportunities as a way to retain team members.

The AxisU Training Model

Overcome traditional training deficiencies


  • AxisU powered Employer Led Training is:
  • – Quality Computer Based Training
  • – Highly Contextualized On the Job Training 
  • – Competency validation with certification
  • The result is better-trained workers who become fully productive in a shorter time.

The Result is

Attract the right talent

Having trouble finding the right candidates? Connect with job seekers whose interests, skills and abilities align with your needs.

AxisU’s Earn & Learn programs allow you to access a pool of untapped potential, made up of millions of Americans that are motivated to start a career with a company like yours. 

Our process connects you with the right people for the job, and then equips them with the tools they need to do it. 

Train Them your way

Learners in an AxisU Earn & Learn program provide value to you on day one, while they learn on the job through real world experiences and customized online instruction. 

Online Instruction and On the Job Training for your Earn & Learn program is flexible to the needs of your company. Teach your employees everything they need to know about how to do their job, as well as your company and culture. 

Our web platform handles the paperwork and powers the learning, tracking and credentialing process. 

Retain Good Employees

The average employee exit costs 33% of their annual salary. Increase your retention rate by attracting candidates whose interests and skills align with your company, and providing them with training that engages them in the company and integrates them into your culture on day one. 

Providing learning opportunities and allowing your employees to grow with your company will ensure that your best employees are happy and productive, improving company culture over time. 

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Apprenticeships Available in All Industries

There are over 1,000 occupations eligible for Apprenticeships across all industries. We offer Apprenticeship programs for 10+ occupations in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Technology and Business, with more coming soon!


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