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We offer First Step Courses and Earn and Learn programs that allow you to Take your First Step towards a better future with AxisU. Start a career that aligns with who you are, what you know, and what interests you. 

We help you define your future through a learning journey that intersects who you are, what you know and what interests you.

Who You Are

As you move through life, you have goals and dreams and plans for what your future success looks like! However, sometimes the path to get from where you are to where you want to be seems unclear or overwhelming.  You have the drive to succeed but need help finding the direct path to advancement.

AxisU is here to guide you from learning and growing to career accomplishment.  With our “earn while you learn” programs, you can see the direct route from where you are to where you want to be, all while getting a paycheck from day one! 

What you Know

Starting down a new career path can feel intimidating. You might wonder if you are capable of carving out the time to absorb new material while working another job or raising a family. 

Good news! 

You already have skills, abilities, and talents from your life experiences that will come in handy for your registered apprenticeship. Our  registered apprenticeships pay you while you learn, so you won’t have to juggle the responsibilities of trying to earn an income to support yourself or your family while you invest in your future career.

What Interests You

Your natural interests drive your behavior everyday. What you do, what you eat and who you choose to spend time with. When it comes to choosing a career why would we do anything different than something that interests us?  We have tendency to settle. Why? 

At AxisU, we are determined to help you define your future through a learning journey based on your interests. With todays global economy the opportunities are limitless if combine your interests with your skills.


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

- Benjamin Franklin

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

- Steve Jobs

understand the Job market

The job market is where employers search for employees and employees search for jobs. It’s not a physical place as much as a concept demonstrating the competition and interplay between different labor forces.

Having the right skills elevates your value to employers in the job market and helps you stand out from others who are searching for similar jobs.

Build A Career

 AxisU gives you a direct path to employment.  Landing a rewarding career doesn’t have equal 4 years of university course work.  You can be career ready in about 12 months with AxisU’s Learn and Earn programs. 

Have Career Success

 AxisU’s goal is to align who you are with what you know and what interests you. This is career success and it is available to you through AxisU’s unique First Step Earn and Learn program. 

What We Believe In


We Believe In Hard Working Professionalism

Successfully completing an AxisU First-Step course puts you on the path to future employment. Employers are ready to reward highly motivated and skilled workers like you with permanent job opportunities while you complete your full training program.


We Believe in Education

Education is not one size fits all! Because learning styles vary, our training programs offer hands on learning in real world scenarios to provide you with professional and practical application. You'll be career ready with professional skills in less time than pursuing a 4 year degree, all while earning a paycheck.


We Believe in Your Potential

Our courses combine your future potential and current interests and skills to an audience of employers who are ready to hire you! Your motivation and drive to succeed and our self-paced First-Step classes move you towards future full-time employment.


We Believe in Community

Being a part of a community can make us feel as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves. It can give us opportunities to connect with people, to reach for our goals, and makes us feel safe and secure. Working, learning and earning in a community setting unites people for the greater good.

Occupations & Industries

Find a career that fits who you are, what you know, and what interests you


Home Health Aide
Home Health Director
Medical Records & Health Information Technologist


IT Generalist
Support Specialist/Help Desk Tech
Network Administrator




Executive Secretary

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